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I don't know if this would qualify as a "bug", but I decided to post it here anyway. 

While using MT, with Tradier as my quote source, I have noticed that I need to stop/start MT every so often because I realized that the trading volume does not appear to be updating as it should. The volume is updating but is lagging. This appears while using MT on my desktop. When I use MT on my laptop, this issue does NOT arise. As a note, I recently re-installed MT on my laptop after a computer crash.  Any idea why this would happen with my desktop but not my laptop? If the solution is to re-install MT on the desktop, how do I retain my settings? Thanks!



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I seem to have missed this post.   The reason for the issue is you have Tradier datafeed set to stream "Tick" quotes. When that is selected, MT subscribes to their "Time & Sales" feed and uses that to update the volume. The problem is that the T&S feed sends round lots. So if a trade occurred for 87 shares, it would not show up. Or for 178, it would show as 100. that is where the discrepancy comes from. If you were to unselect that option, you would not have the volume issue 

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