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Intraday volume not shown live (Beta version)


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I'm using webull and yes it's showing active and the price is moving.  just no volume.  same thing with yahoo for exemple.

Now that I look at it, it more seems like volume is divided by 1000 or so.  I see very little blips of volume 1 or twice a day. probably the high volume peaks.

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I don't think the issue has been fixed yet, Jerry.

I updated to the latest version as you directed, but the raw data during "extended hours" for last price and volume are not shown or not stream live with Webull eventhough Webull has the latest tick updated on their desktop app and site.  The only thing updating properly live are bid/ask prices. i noticed that ever since the recent updates the raw data ticks have been having this issue only during premarket and after hours.   Sometimes it works, but then it would stop working and I tried to check and uncheck the "Stream tick quotes" and see if it would remedy the problem, few times it sort of resolve it, but it get really annoy having to do it over and over during extended hours.  Also noticed that you added the featured showing "BF" for the volume updated using backfill, I think that this bug might have something to do with that feature because there was no issue to live raw data update before this update.

Please look into this again, thanks Jerry!

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Thanks for the quick reply, Jerry.

I actually have the stream tick quotes checked, during regular trading hours, it works great.  The issue only arises during extended hours where sometimes it runs normal for couple hours and sometimes it only has bid/ask prices tick live without the latest price and volume...

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