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You would run a historical chart scan, and use

    DefinePaintbarParameter("Period", "Period", true, 1, 100, 1, 5);
    var num = Convert.ToInt32(GetPaintbarParameter("Period"));
    if (Open > Max(1, num, High))
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I think to something like this (scanner intraday)

condition 1: last close > sma200 (the stock is in long uptrend)

condition 2: open price > average(highest high of last X bars)

condition 3: yield between open and close(1) >+5%

condition 4: volume > average volume last x periods

condition 5 :%R>50

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Thx! I have noticed for many US stocks growth in the premarket and an explosion in prices in the first phase of trading.  the goal is to capture this explosiveness, perhaps possible with Trade Ideas, with the breakout scanner.  even if we don't find a way to capture the first trend, we could enter on possible retracements of the main trend.  mine was just a hypothesis.

your assistance is invaluable.  and I thank you.  where can I get a list of all the functions and syntax of the language?

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