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filtering no-tick bars in charts



Not sure how popular this would be, or how easy to implement.  I've seen it before where there's an option to filter out no-tick bars in charts.  For example, equities traders might want to see pre/post market trading, though often the trades are few and far between.  This creates lots of empty space on the chart.


With filtering out no tick/trade bars, if there was a trade at say 16:45 and another at 16:55, then on a 1 minute chart the 16:45 and 16:55 bars would be right next to eachother, eliminating the 14 minutes of empty space.


Having this would allow equities traders to get a better visual of pre/post market trading on their charts.

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Yes, I guess tick/volume would fill the gaps.  I figured this idea might be helpful for those who trade with a fixed time scale during regular market hours, but would prefer to condense price action outside of market hours when price action is thin.  Just thought I would mention.

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