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timeframe linking



I've seen timeframe linking elsewhere, and feel its helpful for those who have large #s of charts as a watchlist.  It's just like symbol linking, except when you change the timeframe in a chart in a linked group, say from a 1min to a 5min, all the linked charts switch to 5min.


Also, having more than 8 possible link connections would be a bonus as well.  If you need ideas I can find some pretty trendy colors   :)

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I can add other link colors but need them to be sufficiently distinct from the existing ones. If you have suggestions, please let me know.


As for syncing chart frequencies - we don't have it setup as "Linked" option. However, you can manually switch all open chart frequencies.  On the TEMPLATE tab look at the Sync Open Charts button. Don't hit the button itself. Look at the dropdown options. One of them is to just sync the frequencies.

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