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Level 2 data not populating - Webull


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Just restarted Medved and had the issue start right away where ROKU is not showing level 2 data.  ROKU is in a portfolio using the Webull source.

I have open 3 depth charts - 1 for stockwatch, 1 for webull, 1 for CBOE

I have 1 Raw data window open

I have one chart open for Roku

Smart source has Stockwatch set to high

Smart source has Webull set to Normal

Smart source has Yahoo set low

Smart source has CBOE set to Low


You can see no level 2 data (webull) or Depth chart data for Webull or Stockwatch. If I restart stockwatch this should start populating,

Attaching a video to Dropbox which shows the portfolio description flipping, so I think Medved is confused what source it should be using. Same thing can be seen in the details window.   (Dropbox: MedVed\2022-01-11-ROKU-Porfolio description  flipping)

I am wondering if this is related to the missing level2/Depth chart data feeds hanging.


I Just turned logging to level 200 and sent logs under "Roku level 2 missing" description






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