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Searching for stock in Porfolio issue


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The only way to search for a symbol across many portfolios I have found is to create an alert line that will trigger. Once triggered the alert that pops up has a button which is supposed to open the portfolio for that symbol. 


If the symbol is only in one porfolio the button does not cause the porftolio to be displayed when you click on it (Bug).

If the Symbol is in two portfolios you get a list of the two porfolios its in and can click either, when clicked the portfolio is displayed.


Additional request: Can this way to find a symbol (ie the portfolio button in the alert window) be added to either the normal chart right click list or anywhere else in Medved.  This would be very beneficial as if you have many portfolios it can be very very tough to track down a situation where you have added a symbol by accident to two different portfolios. I believe being in multiple portfolios causes issues if those portfolios are using different sources.





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