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Symbol change - Linked windows Not clearing prior symbol and data


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When you have linked windows eg chart, multiple Depth charts with diff sources, level 2 all linked to same color pin. If you change symbols and the source data is not available for the Depth chart,  the window doesn't clear the symbol. 


Eg Changed from NUMI:CA to ROKU and the Webull source Depth chart didn't clear the symbol



There are also instances where 0incorrect data is left in the Depth chart.

Eg changed from a symbol with a price of $36.44 to NUMI which is only 0.66. Bottom left Stockwatch is correct but the top left should have cleared the data as it's not NUMI's.






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Here is another example showing the data and wrong symbol left over in the lower depth chart which is linked to Webull.

Chart and dept charts linked to same symbol / pin color

I was on FL:CA so top depth chart was populated by stockwatch bottom was empty.

Then switched to SPY which had lower depth chart populated via webull and top was empty

Then switched back to FL:CA but spy symbol stayed in lower depth chart and teh values for it. Pic is attached.


2022-01-27 09_32_32-2022-01-27 09_29_37-Jeff-Laptop - TeamViewer - Free license (non-commercial use  (Small).png

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