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Yahoo not updating Canadian symbols


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As of today, yahoo streaming does not update Canadian symbols, both intraday and historical. All quotes are as of May 16; do keep in mind that the TSX was closed yesterday for Victoria Day. Dashboard shows yahoo streaming, green color, with bandwith indicator active.  I have the most recent version of MT installed. US symbols are fine.

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I just checked a handful of symbols and do not see any problem. Both quotes and backfill worked with Yahoo. for example, BMO:CA, ACC:CA, POM:CA


is the quote date/time wrong on the quote grid too? or just charts?


If you still have a problem, go to FILE / Export Settings. 

Leave the checkboxes already checked, and also check QUOTE DATA.

Export, then email me the exported file please.

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Wow Jerry, I have never seen such an incredible display of remote repairs!  ;)  I just closed and re-opened MT (which I had done before posting), and all is now fine.  Bizzare behaviour from yahoo, but this is not the first time, nor, I surmise, will it be the last. Thanks, as always, for the quick reply.

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