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HK stock from IB starting by 0 not displaying Yahoo charts


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I have two issues :

1-HK stock from IB starting by 0 not displaying Yahoo charts

I have a position on the stock 123:SEHK from an IB account. It displays no yahoo chart because the ticker for yahoo is 0123:SEHK and not 123:SEHK. Can you fix this?

2- Account views changes are synchronised

I can create two account views for two different IB accounts. But if I change the account displayed in one of the account view it changes the other one. The account displayed in an account view is also changed when we change the account in a chart's trading panel. Account views should not be synchronized.




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symbol - not sure what you mean by Yahoo charts - are you backfilling the MT charts with Yahoo?  only way to handle the 0 is on a per symbol basis. you can click on the dropdown portion of the backfill button on the chart and select "Backfill As..." and enter  0123:SEHK as the backfill as symbol.  If you have others with that issue, you would need to do that for each. You only need to do that once since MT will remember that mapping

Account View mapping - note that there is a LINKED button next to the account selection dropdown list. If you do not want it synced, then click on that button to change it to UNLINKED

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