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Historical charts continue to update after market close


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My daily/weekly/monthly historical charts are all updating in real-time with extended hours stock quotes. I have "Never" selected for "Extended hours" in settings under Charts/General, and all my intraday charts are currently set the same way. The intraday charts are working as expected.

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Is there any way to get the historical to stop updating in extended hours? Even if I "stop" my portfolio windows, the values continue to update.

The issue is the value being updated for "close" in today's candle is not correct. This will be obvious when I clear and backfill tomorrow as the value will get corrected to the proper market close. I've tested just about every possible charting application and I can't say I've seen one that works this way. RTH/Extended hour toggles make sense for intraday charts, but for daily/weekly/monthly usually they're fixed to regular market hours.

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