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IQFeed spike/tick filtering


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I've been noticing quite a few spikes in IQFeed on various tickers that are tough to filter (e.g. 0.4% out of range). I was able to track one of these ticks down and was wondering if it could be filtered. IQFeed listed the trade as TTEXEMPT/PRP. I tested other charting software with spike filtering disabled using IQFeed, and this spike was not displayed.



aapl spike.JPG

iqfeed ticks.JPG

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I absolutely appreciate and understand that - it's why I'm using MT as opposed to working with IQFeed and IBKR apis directly 🙂. I have no expectations of fixes and I'm not saying any of this is high priority. MT reduces my need for a lot of different software products, and having reliable data would let me use only MT almost exclusively without needing other software to sanity check.  I'm happy to post less and only on more urgent concerns if that's the goal of these forums.

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