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Alerts on Daily Charts


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I draw trendlines to set alerts.   I am using the version just prior to todays' release.

It seems that intraday alerts are working, but that daily alerts are not always firing.

I have attached a picture for today of a stock (ZEN) that:

a. Went through the alert line

b. Was listed in one of 5 open portfolios I have on my screen

I have also attached the settings for the alert.

Questions to help diagnose:

1. In this case the alert line was breached in prior days.  But it did NOT fire today (day on the far right) Would that cause an issue?

2. I have 5 open portfolios with a total of about 300 stocks among those open portofolios and am using TD AMeritrade data feed for real time.  Is there a limit to # of stocks that will update daily alerts?

3. I used to use popups and I don't recall them not working.  I don't use popups any longer but instead use the alert window.   could unchecking popups inadvertently cause the alert not to fire?

Note i have not seen any problems with intraday alerts.




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Here's another from today on the daily chart that did not trigger.  The stock was NOV.

The picture has the alert settings, the line showing where the alert was and then full alert log (and it's not there).

The ticker was in a portfolio that was open all day.


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