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Add / Fix option chain to raw log



Hi all,

I would like to see a menu option from option chain to raw log (without having to open an Intraday chart).

So I will use QQQ as an example.

Right mouse click option chain for QQQ (ctrl-O)

Select any active option.

Right mouse click and open - Raw Data / T&S for .QQQ_220819C320 (ctrl-R) (select none)

No output in Raw Data.

Close Raw Data.

Open Intraday chart for same option - Intraday Chart for .QQQ_220819C320 (ctrl-I)

Now Right mouse click and open - Raw Data / T&S for .QQQ_220819C320 (ctrl-R) (select none)

Raw data now populates.

Just would like to skip the intraday chart since the menu option is already there.



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the reason for that is that

1) raw data is a passive window - it only shows you data that is already in MT. That is not going to change

2) The Level I quotes on the options in the Option Chain are not stored. Would be a lot of data to store especially as you scroll and MT subscribes/unsubscribes from visible symbols and also more importantly, if option chain is from a different source than portfolio, storing that data can cause conflicts.

Opening the chart forces a backfill, which is what you are seeing. Instead of closing raw data, opening chart etc,  just backfill right from the raw data. Either hit CTRL+B or right click and select Backfill from the popup menu - top of the menu

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