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Webull BID/ASK in RAW data and on intraday chart stuck issues


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Something just changed recently, I think last week and my Webull BID/ASK is completely stuck in Raw data and on the intraday chart.  I was getting Webull bid/ask for the last couple years but have been having to restart the Webull feed in Medved as it kept getting stuck on the chart and in the raw data feed.  Now after whatever changed (possibly on the Webull side), if you have  the level 2 Nasdaq Totalview subscription added,  restarting the feed in Webull no longer gets the bid ask flowing again in the raw data feed.  But like I said level 2 bid/ask looks to be correct.

Also if you have a Webull account without  the Nasdaq totalview subscription then the raw data and chart bid ask works fine, but as soon as you add the subscription it breaks.

Would it be possible to source the Bid/ASK from the Webull Level II feed if available? Maybe have a switch in the Webull source config page to select Raw data bid/ask being pulled from  either raw data feed or from the Level 2 feed that the user could check depending on if they have paid for Nasdaq totalview level 2.



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Any luck with sourcing the Webull Bid/ask from the Level 2 data?  

Also shouldn't Medved be showing the Bid/Ask as empty if it's looking for it and not finding it, rather then populating the old value?

Was gonna post a pic of the raw data but the forum limit for jpg size is 43KB now.  Did you guys change that intentionally or is something messed up as that is crazy small?  



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