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New hotkey action request



Hello Jerry,

I place my orders from Level2 with hotkey (send=false) and then using keys to adjust the order and after submit with Buy or Sell without using the mouse. With tab key and cursor keys and select the desired items I can adjust all fields, but this is very slow and I have to be very careful not to miss it.

What if this could be filled by hotkeys?
Your hotkey system is very complex and flexible, I really love it, so I was thinking about how could be incorporated into it.

My suggetion is a new Hotkey Action:  ChangeTicket
This Action could be modify the values when we are in Level2 (or Trade Ticket) window.

There will be new variables:
TicketLimitPrice  (this already exists)
TicketStopLimitPrice (this already exists)

When I create a new ChangeTicket Action then all these variables set to default.
If I want to create a hotkey to set the Route to EDGA, I set    
TicketRouting = "EDGA" and leave all other variables to default. When I press the hotkey standing on the level 2 window, the Route field changes to EDGA, everything else remains what it is at that moment.

If I want a hotkey to increase the Quantity field by 200, I set:
TicketQuantity = TicketQuantity + 200
And when I press the hotkey it always increases by 200.

If I want a hotkey to increase the limit price and set the routing at the same time:
TicketLimitPrice = TicketLimitPrice + 0.25
TicketRouting =if TicketLimitPrice>Ask+.05 then 'EDGA' else 'BATS'  

So my first step to press a hotkey which is a regular Order action (which doesn't Send the order), and after that I could use this new feature to tailor the order before submitting without using the mouse.  But possibly omitting the regular order action these ticket actions could be prepare an order itself.

Please, consider my suggestion,
Thank you very much!

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you can do that now with existing hotkey functionality.  Only required fields are Order Type and Action and the action doesn't matter if you are using DROP and explicit buy/sell buttons.  So you can create multiple hotkeys that set different parts of the order. For example:

Hotkey 1:

Action: BUY
OrderType: Limit
Routing: EDGA

Hotkey 2:

Action: BUY
OrderType: Limit
Quantity: DefaultQty+0.25
Routing: if TicketLimitPrice>Ask+.05 then 'EDGA' else 'BATS'  


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However, there is a little problem with that solution.

I created 2 hotkeys to increease and decrease the limit price by 0.10 cents. So when I press the arrows, I can move the price by 1 cents, with these hotkeys  by 10 cents.

The hotkey: LimitPrice= TicketLimitPrice+0.1 

It works well until I use a stop order.  I have a separate hotkey to initiate a stop order with limit price. I press it and then I want to modify the ticketlimitprice. But in this case the another hotkey which modifies the limit price set the order type back to normal Limit order overwrite my initial Stop Limit order... That is because I have to set the OrderType in the hotkey configuration.  Recently I wanted to create a stop order but accidentally became a normal order and sold my shares immediately. The same problem with my Route changing hotkey.

In essence, the separate Actions like TradeQty is a cleaner solution, because don't bother with the current order type. 
Maybe the suggested separate action could be a good solution for these. 

What do you think?


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On 10/24/2022 at 4:32 PM, Jerry Medved said:

emailed you. As for Level II, not yet. right now the order has to be selected or hovered over (on chart), which is not relevant on Level II. Still working on enhancements

Thank you for the extension of ChangeOrder action to work in Level 2. 
It works fine, I have only one interesting phenomenom:

+1  it works
TicketLimitPrice+0.1  it works
+0.1   for me it doesn't work: Invalid expression message

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On 11/19/2022 at 9:20 PM, Jerry Medved said:

Next build will force that particular screen to always use the Invariant Culture, basically same as US.  For scripting type stuff, have to have consistent culture 

The US culture solved the problem, thanks.

Just one difficulty I have in Level2:  When I use the hotkey based on ChangeOrder action in Level2 I can use all functionality until there isn't a live order. When I have one, I can modify that order, but I can't prepare new order in Level2 with a hotkey based on ChangeOrder actin because Send can't be false. I set Send to False in Level2 to basically prepare new order instead of modify one. 
Could you allow the hotkey to run when Send=False in Level2? 

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