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Can these options be entered?

1) When Bid/ask Size column is clicked at an empty price level and there is already an existing order on that side then move existing order rather than create new order (very important)

2) The ability to directly place an iceberg order on DOM and Level2 with checkmark box and also the quantity displayed (example only 100 of an order of 1000) 

3) floating window hotkey;

4) the ability to adjust the colors of the DOM individually

5) the ability to adjust the size of hotkeys on the DOM

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  1. right now don't have anything like that. You could hit a shortcut to cancel all and then click (so one extra keystroke) though I certainly understand about your request. NOTE: If we were to do that, clicking fast two or 3 times could potentially cause problems.
  2. Level II supports the ability to specify display size assuming your broker supports it. DOM right now does not, unless you use a hotkey
  3. "floating window hotkey" - please elaborate - what exactly are you looking for?
  4. colors - no, do not have editing for that. kind of PIA right now. If you REALLY want to mess with it, I can give you the color setup file (XML) so you can create your own color setup. if its cool, can send it back to us and I can add it to the choices.
  5. "adjust the size of hotkeys" - please elaborate
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1) YES it can be a problem (which can be somewhat reduced) but still I think it is much faster to modify an order with a click on the desired price than to drag it. Always in a fast market context. I think it is correct to give the user the possibility to choose which way he prefers.

2) both the level2 and the DOM however do not have the possibility through a simple checkbox to quickly enter iceberg (hidden) orders; why use a hotkey when there is a more intuitive way.

3) an independent window that you can detach and that collects your favorite hotkeys and that can be moved; each hotkey contained in the window can be changed in size and color. It is positioned near the DOM and I think it is very useful and immediate in the rapid execution of an order. The keys present on the DOM necessarily due to space requirements are not so fast in the same way because they are not very visible and in fast market situations it can be a problem.

4) as above, I meant the possibility of changing the size of the hotkeys on the DOM because they are not very visible; but I understand that due to space requirements on the DOM it is difficult.

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Can at least the first request be implemented?
If yes, can I have a probable date?

I think it's possible to do it also because, for example, the ibkr booktrade has this option and that's why I often prefer it to the DOM. The DOM is a ladder book, it was created to be fast, you need to get out of the logic of using only the hotkeys. Visual trading is sometimes more responsive.
Of course it's just my opinion.

Thank you

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