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Modify on Click - DOM - serious problem


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changing an order with a click on the DOM doesn't work as it should;
When there is an open position, the capsule moves regularly following the mouse click while the DOM order stays on the initial price;


Hammer Platform

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  • Stef changed the title to Modify on Click - DOM - serious problem

Stef, you hit a bug that was found on the trading side when you modify the orders very fast - when a 2nd modify is sent before the first one is finished.  Those orders are not open but are reported as suck to the program. This has been escalated. 

In the meantime, I suggest either not using the Modify On Click in Hammer, or take care not to do the modifies very rapidly - wait till one is done before sending the other

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this is a problem that urgently needs to be resolved; I often find orders indicated by the Hammer platform as live but which then after checking with the trade support do not exist on the broker side(alaric).
These orders cause confusion.
And it happens not only with "Modify on Click" but also with drag and drop of the order, and not even done that fast.
This problem, while trading, causes distraction.

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No, unfortunately not yet;
I stopped trading with this broker because it was totally unreliable. They don't intervene immediately and they didn't care. The order you see on the screen was then executed without my being able to cancel it before it was executed.
I had initially made only one slow change with order drag and drop. Lucky a small order
I wonder if it's just me having these problems?
no one complaining

Thank you for the effort to resolve but I think my experience with this broker ends here.



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