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options volume in addition to interest tree


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On 2/6/2023 at 5:38 PM, Jerry Medved said:

oops. sorry, misunderstood.  Open interest does not change much so we can get it for the chain and show it. Volume is a constantly changing thing so would have to subscribe to quotes on all the symbols. That may not be the best option (no pun intended). will see.

any news on this? would be very useful, very good idea by bspx. what he means, here an example, snippet from webull:
- actually you visualize the open interest (yellow column) quote-based in a stockchart, which is very useful
- it would be more useful if you would add visual for options-volume too (red outlined). It's part of the same data-feed, there would't be extra effort. If you stream webull data, subscribed to their options feed, it's still a part of it.


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