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Will I get charged a commission if I trade through my Tradestaton account from the UK.


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I currently trade using Tradingview linked to a Tradestation account in the UK, which is commission free.

If I trade directly through Tradestation I would get charged $5 each way per trade.

If I link Medved Trader to my Tradestion account would it also be commission free trades like with Tradingview?

I know Medved trader is also US based, so I don't understand why it wouldn't be.


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I just contacted Tradestation via live chat and they told me that although trades through TradingView are commission free, trades through Medved Trader are not commission free. When I asked them why this is the case they said "It's just the relationship we have with TV".

Oh well, I guess Interactive brokers is my only decent option if I want to use Medved.



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