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My DOMs show neither "Flatten" or "Reverse" buttons


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Dear Medved Trader support

In my Windows10 installation of MT the DOMs do neither show the FLATTEN nor the REVERSE button.  In addition I have written two shortcuts for this functions which do not work either.

Please let me know whether you need further information,

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Dear Jerry!

Thanks for your quick answer. Both order options are enabled in the  trading ac

count settings. But they do not work on the DOM.  My MT version is quite new (1.1.9800.100). 

Would it help if I would reinstal the MT program?? 

P.S.: If have an older version of MT running on Windows7 and never encountered this problem with the DOM.  (I do not use it anymore)

Looking forward to your advice

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Dear Jerry!

επιτέλους,  I finally have solved this problem. In the settings-trading-account-order settings I did not click on the "Quantity" "futures" button.  Since I am trading mini Futures this of course did not show up in the DOM window.  Now it is working.  It is true, one should always look twice.

thank you very much

cordially Kurt

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