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Level 2 in beta 1.1.9850.121


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Just some observations using Level 2:

1. If I have ChangeOrder hotkey, I have to change the new TIF, TIFDate and Spinst values to Default otherwise I give error message.

2.  The P.QTY and P.PAID new fields are great, but how about highlighting the P.QTY like the block trade in the book? (Only when <>0) Not the P.PAID, only the P.QTY. For me it would be more visible.

3. There is an empty plus row in the bottom of the trade ticket area of Level 2.




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Yes, I see the colorized number  but it doesn't highlight enough for me. What I would like to see that is the color combination what I see on the current Quantity Tab in your screenshot. The number 600 tab is highlihted perfectly. That is what I thought.


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