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Anchor percantages

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1.1.9800.100  ver

When using an anchor in a chart I anchor at the open. The percentages of up and down don't match what I see on the portfolio screen.  That is true for indexes and stocks.in the specific case I am using XBI chart with AVXL and $DJI as compare symbol indicators.  I show AVXL on the portfolio and being down 1.95% and on the compare line i show it being down 2.84%XBI is sown 2.58% on the portfolio line and the chart shows it down 1.93%.

To set the anchor I narrow the chart display window to very small so the anchor line can be accurately placed on the 9:30 open.

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If by change you mean the change column in the portfolio, I'm using change % and comparing that % to the anchored intra day chart using compare percentages that show up on the right side of the intraday chart. 

If I understand what you are suggesting the chart doesn't use the opening trade as an anchor but uses the closing value of the first minute of trading as its anchor value.

Is that correct?

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