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XOnChart not mirroring across linked charts


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I created some hotkeys which use the XOnChart parameter to control the positioning of the trading capsule. While my XOnChart parameter works perfectly on the chart from which the order is launched, it has no effect on other charts within the same linked symbol group. I think the XOnChart parameter should be effective on all charts of this symbol.

Please see screenshot below:


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Can't this be a global variable? I am trying to configure a clean and simple chart layout with predictable capsule locations. 

Related to the above, switching back and forth between different symbols messes up the capsule locations on the first chart (from which the order was launched). The XOnChart setting seems to get over-ridden but should be persistent when entered. 

TradingView have a similar trading capsule - the position is always right/left/center depending on the global setting. 


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