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TDA will not go away...


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Frequently, one of my keyboard shortcuts result in the login screen for TD Ameritrade.  Since my account (there, NOT IBKR, my current data source) has transitioned to Schwab and I have searched, looked, and erased every mention of TDA from MVT, this is SCAREY.  Please, how to resolved.

Also, short time span data charts (0.1 minute) often do not update and require ctrl-B to get them going.  Related?

News and backfill are NOT set to TDA, but IBKR.

Also, is there a decent, free news source anywhere as good as TDA in Medved Trader?  That was SUPER.  

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News - IB has news options, though require subscription.  TDA is the best free one.   You saw our suggestion about just opening a new TD Ameritrade account and using that as the data source for the time being?

you must have something selected for TDA if you are getting the login. If news and backfill are not set, then maybe some linked window. If you cannot find, send us the log/settings and I will check what you have set to TDA. 

Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio)
And add this Post’s URL in the comment. 

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