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Indicator Value Column



While you're still working on the finishing touches of MedVed Trader is there anyway you can add an indicator value column, where we could specific the closing value of an indictor such as RSI, for example, which would simply give us the number value of the indicator without looking it up on the chart? Perhaps, you could make it possible to select which indicator to present in the column?



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That is something we will consider in the future, but in general, doing that is not a good idea for a few reasons:

1) it means that indicator has to be computed on every symbol in the portfolio, same as if you had charts open on every symbol and had that indicator on the charts

2) The indicator needs parameters, so there would be separate indicator parameters per column, which can be overly complicated

3) most indicators are tied to the chart they operate on - the frequency and type of charts, so that would have to be also added to the parameters.

4) the CPU load would significantly increase for every such column added.

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