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Portfolio totals not displaying correctly...

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Right, sorry.  As far as I can tell, just the dollar amounts -- "change $" and "gain $".  The % maybe is but I can't do that math ;)

For example, my IRA portfolio is two parts. The upper is stocks I hold (so the Quantity and Paid fields have numbers) and the lower is stocks I'm watching (so the Quantity and Paid fields are blank).  Currently the upper shows a subtotal Change$ of "5", which is accurate, the lower section shows a subtotal of "-" (0), which is also accurate, but the portfolio total$ is (88), which is not accurate. It should match the upper subtotal.

I hope that's clear!  Happy to provide more info if needed.

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Actually I have another portfolio named "active" which only has one section, so no sub-totals, and the Change$ is off there as well.  Showing a much larger gain today than I actually have, dangit.

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the change for the overall portfolio is not just a total of the subtotal's change. It actually compares the change value of the portfolio prev day close to current, so if the content of the portfolio changed, it will impact it. to see, specifics, I would need to have your setup. so if still have items that are not clear:

Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio)

And add this Post’s URL in the comment. 

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