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Charts stay on top


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My setup:

4 screens

8 charts open on the left screens

Portfolio on lower right screen

Dashboard on upper right when not minimized


When dashboard is minimized, charts "stay on top" when I drag or open any windows on my left screens (i.e mail reader or browser).

With this windows active, it still stay hidden behind the chart, until I maximize the dashboard.


Drag any charts partially on one of the right screens is a easy workaround to stop this "stay on top" behaviour, so it's not really annoying.




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Olivier, I have not been able to recreate. I have 3 monitors in [ 2 ] [ 1 ] [ 3 ] configuration.  I tried minimizing the dashboard and moving charts around the various monitors but could not force them to stay on top, except for occasional situation where if I then just click on an MT window and back on the other non-MT window (without having to move it to different monitors) the issue goes away. 


Are you using any 3rd party software for managing multiple monitors, such as UltraMon or similar?

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No 3rd party, just two very basic graphics cards.

I have found today It happen with Win7 when aero is disabled, and don't happen when aero is enabled.

As soon as the dashboard is minimised, the charts, LvL2, Raw datas windows stays on top, until one of them is moved.


Not really a big problem, as it take just a second after launch to fix it for the day.

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