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Just trying some paper-trading here with Medved Trader and noticed that the portfolio date defaults to 12/11/13. Not sure of the significance of that date, but shouldn't it or wouldn't it, be better to have it default to today's date?


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Select any stock from a portfolio.

2. Click on Edit Portfolios Icon at top left of page (to the right of the blinking LED). 

3. Enter a qty, purchase price, and notice that the date has to be changed to reflect today's date. 

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I am not able to reproduce the issue.  When I go to Portfolio editor, the purchase date is either blank or set with whatever was there before. and if I start editing the row and tab to the date field, it is defaulting to today's date for me.  Was 12/11/13 by any chance when you entered the symbols in the portfolio in the first place?

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I may have entered the symbols into these portfolios on 12/11/13, but did not enter any purchase information. I just checked another portfolio I started on 8/28/2014 and it does say 8/28/2014, however, I did enter # of shares and amount for all the symbols in that portfolio. Shouldn't the date default to the date of purchase? I just checked the old Quotetracker, and don't see a purchase date option; so can't go by that.

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