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This isn't strictly a bug but I don't believe the program is working as intended.


I have a simple portfolio that I use as my daily watchlist. It has the following columns. 


Symbol    Quantity    Paid    Comm   Purchase Date   Note


The discrepancy occurs when editing the portfolio. When I add a new symbol and fill out the columns I tab to the next column. When I tab from Purchase Date to Note I get an awful sound and the cursor is awkwardly placed (if I knew how, I would paste a pic here of the cursor placement).


Nothing prevents me from entering a note so things are working, maybe just not as intended?

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Sound - I have my sound come through a headset, which I don't normally wear when debugging - so didn't notice this. Will have to check.  As for awkward placement of the cursor, isn't it the same as if you double click on the note field?  NOTE: (no pun intended) that when editing the Note field, MT shows you a multi-line area to enter the note. Is that what you refer to ? If so, that part is intended. Just start typing.

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