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A couple of errors that prevented MT from opening this morning


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I received these errors this morning. I hope I'm following the proper protocol by pasting them into this forum??


Error Number one (I had to type this in as cut-and-paste wouldn't work on the dialog box)


ApplyLayout - Registered Window count doesn't match layout Window Count


at App.ApplyLayout(MTConfigList1 newLayout)


at Program.Main() C:\MedvedTrader\MT\Program.cs(90)


Error Number two


Do you want to delete it and start a new one?
An error occurred while opening the NEWS data file. 
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Item slot 592 is marked as empty!
Parameter name: Item is already removed
   at MT.StoredData.SNews.RemoveNewsItem(Int32 ind, Boolean OnlyExtras, StringBuilder addnews, Boolean IgnoreEmpties) in C:\MedvedTrader\StoredData\SNews.cs:line 1111
   at MT.StoredData.SNews.CleanOldNewsItems(DateTime CutOff) in C:\MedvedTrader\StoredData\SNews.cs:line 611
   at MT.App.OpenSNEWS() in C:\MedvedTrader\MT\App.cs:line 2631
Also, I just want to say thanks for all your great work!!
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