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Not sure this is a bug or just an annoyance to me.


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I have about 8 or so mini charts going at any one time. Then when I want to work with an individual chart, I use the Maximize button to make the chart window full screen. If I drop the ribbon to work within the menu bar while Maximized then close the ribbon when done and again click the (Maximize/NowRestoreDown) button the window does not return to the proper length. The width is right tho.



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this is happening if the setting to resize window when showing/hiding ribbon is set.. I made MT ignore that setting if the window is maximized. This way, it won't screw up the height when restored. However, if you maximize the window then either show or hide ribbon, but don't set it back to the way it was before you maximized, then when you restore, the window will not be adjusted for the height of the ribbon.

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