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incorrect volume on second charts


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I've noticed that on a 6 second chart of SPY, using IQfeed data, that there appears to be a volume spike every 6th bar (30 seconds).  When looking at the time and sales, there aren't volume spikes occuring.  This happens also when the chart has been running for a period of time, not just upon refreshing using historical data.  I'm using MT Build 1.0.4898.2147


Here is a link to a snapshot.




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the stuff on the chart really should correspond to what you would see in raw data. I ran here and did not see any issue.  Could you turn off Auto backfill for charts, then close and re-open the chart. Does it show the same spikes?  If so, can you export your settings + "QUOTE DATA" and send it to me - the file will be way to bidg to send via email, so could you upload it somewhere and send me a link? ( www.zippyshare.com for example)

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Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I have SPY running on certain charts from IQfeed, but I also have SPY in a portfolio using IB, just to activate the IB data feed so I can retrieve IB data for other things like futures.  I removed SPY from the portfolio and rebooted but the results are the same.  Before I try the suggestions in your first email, do you think maybe its still due to multiple datafeeds somehow?

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