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Level II font size


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I don't know how to explain this problem, but I try . . .

Every time I relaunch the MT, the font size of the entries in the level II window changes to a bigger size.

So, I go to View and click on that down arrow. Then the font size becomes smaller than I wanted, that is two notches down though I clicked only once. Then I have to click on the upper arrow to make it bigger. At that point I get the correct size that I wanted . . .   There is no font size number to quote here . . .

So to make it clear, arbitrarily say, I set the font size at 12,   When I close the MT and relaunch it, the font in the level II changes to 14.  When I click on the down arrow, it goes down to 10. Then I click on the Upper arrow, it comes to 12, where I wanted . . .

I hope it is clear . . .

I have a suggestion.

Is it possible to make a font size counter like that "Agg.Rows" counter shown on the right side?


like this >>>  Font 

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the font size wasn't being reset initially when you re-opened the window. Fixed

As for showing the font size, I really don't want to waste the space. It is mainly relevant only when you have issues with the size, and shouldn't really have those anymore.


BTW, you don't have to go to the ribbon to change font size. CTRL+ and CTRL- can be used (same as in a browser)

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