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Indian Users and IB data



Dear Jerry,


Just downloaded the beta version and successfully integrated with IB-TWS, facing problems with option data but working on hte same.


1. Can market timings based upon region be changed as I am unable to find settings window where I can set market timings and holidays for Indian markets.


2. Can the IB-TWS plugin API also display open interest data for Stocks, Options and Futures.


3. The option chain loads data for US markets (e.g. symbol  INFY:NSE$INR)





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MT already auto assigns the correct timeframe (Indian Equities) for INFY:NSE$INR.  However, I don't have the holidays updated.  Here is what you can do for yourself and if you want to help us:

1) go to SETTINGS / CHARTS / Timeframes 

2) right click on "Indian Equities" on the left and select COPY.  MT should automatically select the new COPY version, which can now be edited.

3) Update the holidays there for 2015 and last couple months of 2014.

4) Once done, hit OK or APPLY


On the chart, you can switch to the VIEW tab and select the new timeframe you just created.


Once satisfied that the holidays are defined OK, go to FILE / Export Settings. 

Leave the checkboxes already checked

Export, then email me the exported file please.


I will be able to take your new holiday definitions and copy them to the default Indian Equities timeframe for everyone.


Also, if you have a good link for Indian market holidays, include that in the email for future updates.



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Trading Holidays are as follows :


NSE India Market :




MCX Market :





Also if the IB API sample file is checked, the data as you must be knowing is in hte form of TCP Wrapper and for Call and Put the data is indicated as two different fields


 as OptionCallOpenInterest and OptionPutOpenInterest

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