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Set as default



When we set a Graph or a Level II Window "set as default" and open a new one, it opens with the expanded "Ribbon Control".   I assume that the expanded Ribbon Control is also included in that default setting since we can choose that function only after opening the Ribbon Control.

It is kind of annoying that that darn thing is expanded with a new graph or level II window.

So, is there any way to ignore that state of Ribbon Control in the default settings?

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We want to Set anything as default only after we make any changes to that category of window. Our interaction at that moment is on that particular window.  So, it is mentally smooth to do it on that window itself; also it is a systematic approach.

Wait until finish adding other functionalities. Don't need to rush for it.

In the mean time, I solved it with what we have now.  I used that, "Add to Quick Access Tool bar"  and put that "Set as default" on the title bar.   However, that Title bar is getting crowded and is not a permeant solution.  

But at least I am able to make "set default",  and don't have to see that expanded Ribbon Control every time I open a new window. You know that I am “allergic” to that Ribbon Control. :)

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Also, I have a request.  


Please put those Options, "Set as Default" and "Reset all" on the top of those standard menu lists.  I think most of us never go to that menu to close or minimize a window, instead, we use the icon on the Right upper corner of a window. So, I request to put those options first in the list.

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