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AMTD shows Faulted

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That's the IP of www.medvedtrader.com - it seems that you do not have direct connectivity to internet. You say TD Ameritrade works in your browser, is your browser connect to the net through a proxy? If so, you have to set that up in MT as well in the Settings/Applications/Proxies.

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try sending LOG again.

If you get the same problem - were you ever successful using this particular machine to connect? Because some people who have IE10 installed on their machines cannot connect because their encryption settings in IE10 are messed up. Please run Internet Explorer (not any other browser) and connect to apis.tdameritrade.com - do you see the TD Ameritrade logo on the 404 page that comes up? If you can't even send the log - try connecting to www.medvedtrader.com in your Internet Explorer - does it get there?


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