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  1. 2 clicks and got it,thanks.
  2. TooSlowTrade


    Would it be hard to add '%' behind the numbers in the Change% column to make it more dicernible from the others at a glance?
  3. TooSlowTrade


    Please right click and veiw 'large'.There is no blur on the MT program on these 29" monitors as in gallery pics,but crisp and clear.
  4. TooSlowTrade

    QT to MT

    Putting together an MT
  5. TooSlowTrade


    Are the indices coming in the MT header soon?
  6. Got it.New computer and one of those new 29" wide monitors,didn't realize MT went off the other end waay down yonder.
  7. Is there the small row charts available in the column choser.That's a favorite part of Quotetracker.I didn't see them,thanks.
  8. New wind 8.1 computer,please send MedVed trader,thanks.
  9. Jerry,Just got a new Wind 8.1 computer and ready to download a copy of MedVed Trader
  10. Gets better every day,Thanks
  11. Hi.Do you have a composited list of brokers that are integrated in the new MT?Some of the old favorites like IB and MB are going with more monthly data fees yet popular new brokers like OptionsHouse are all incusive.Is Optionshouse as with other highly rated brokers in the trade future?Thanks,Pete.
  12. Here is the big screener indicator page and explinations at SF. May help with some indicator requests. Jerry check out the Variables (set) function,almost mind boggling what can be done with this. http://www.stockfetcher.com/forums/Indicators
  13. They main feacher that that I like in QT is the small chart row that goes with the click to the large charts.It makes it a joy to watch 100 symbols advancing and retreating together not unlike a flock or herd changing direction.
  14. This is my fav screener with a ton of indicators and configs.Folks over there always ask about live intraday but they just don't do that.What they do so well is end of day and back test.It's subscription but maybe they could do something in MVT. http://www.stockfetcher.com/ui2/index.php?qrid=1237916886
  15. I forgot that I made these to veiw from accross the room.If your making a sandwich in the Kitchen and see something amazing going on in the far room you don't want take a chance on missing the big one.
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