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  1. Thanks for the answer, Jerry. This is why I've created a TD Ameritrade post... I'm looking for a US-based broker supported by Medved Trader without the need for middle-ware (for trading - my data source is separate), offering stocks, options, ETF/Mutual Funds, and futures. Preferably, one that charges commission and engages in no (or minimal) sale of order flow.
  2. It's my understanding, from reading TD Ameritrade forums, that their API did not support futures trading (even though TDA online does). I was wondering if Medved Trader supports futures trading when using TD Ameritrade as the brokerage. If so, are you using a different integration (API) than the "regular" one TDA makes available to vendors?
  3. I realize Medved has supported trading through Interactive Brokers since the early days. However, it required the use of IB's middle-ware (TWS) running on the client PC. Now that IB has a new RESTful trading API, I was wondering if Medved supports it directly (for trading, not quotes or news) - without the need for IB middle-ware anymore. It would be great to have the ability to integrate directly with IB, without having to run their middle-ware in order to do so.
  4. I realize we're living in a "new era" where things are done differently, and I like to believe I'm fair and thorough in my investigation of new trends, but that alone doesn't mean they do a better job than the original tool they replace. Take documentation, for example; well-produced documentation was written by technical writers who had experience in the field they were writing for. In the software sphere, that meant they had formal schooling in User Interfaces, User Experience, communications (formal schooling in), and human psychology. The fruits of their labor (i.e., their end product - the documentation) focused on and approached it from the end-user experience. Hence, we were able to assimilate and relate to maximizing our use of the software. Nowadays, "evolving" documents such as wikis tend to be written from a hardware or software perspective - their focus is all about the system and its features, with little regard for audience. In fact, I find it particularly frustrating that many wikis are little more than a reiteration of high-level features for those who wrote the system! They are devoid of any notion of who their main audience is - and thus tend to lack ground-level explanations (or at least summaries) that are people-driven. On an unrelated note, I feel this is why most colleges require Communications 101 as a prerequisite to anything - because common sense seems to be at a premium nowadays.
  5. Unfortunate, that won't work for me. The "trace" tool successfully finds the equivalent point in all trace group charts (which is why I have it set up that way), but sadly the annotations can't. Which is fine... I've now figured out that I can open the "drawing tools" ribbon and RIGHT CLICK on the "text" and "oval" tools to add them to the title bar. I should have realized this earlier, from other comments I had read, but I was too busy focusing on other things.
  6. It is not my preferred thing (at least when working on software development), because each user has their own style and way of doing things, which tends to make wiki sections inconsistent and (often) unclear. There are some open-source software (especially C++ libraries) that I visit, and after reading the "introduction" or "about us" page, I still can't figure out what the software is, much less its purpose, scope or audience. It varies, of course. If a team of technical writers use a wiki, there is some de-facto consistency produced. I'm flexible, and willing to revisit things.
  7. I now have "Trendlines Unique Per Chart" unchecked. As a precaution, I exited and restarted MT from scratch. As I draw text, ovals, lines and boxes on one of my emini charts, it is not automatically annotating in the other emini chart. Both charts contain the exact same symbol. As a precaution, I made sure the area I was annotating on one chart was visible (current) on the other chart. I'm sending you a screen capture of this adventure, for debugging.
  8. How do I do this... I'd love to give it a try! I don't know if the premiums (computed DTN indices) would be considered "part of the emini" though.
  9. Let's say I have three different windows, each with the same symbol but different magnifications (time intervals). One shows the prior 200 ticks, the other shows the past 4 hours, and the other the past 4 days. In addition, I have the PREM.Z (EMINI Premium) and the S&P 500 Combined Session Premium. Each window may be running its own set of indicators, with unique settings. I then SHIFT to trace certain events across ALL windows, and use the draw tool to place ovals on each chart corresponding to that time. I may or may not also annotate notes (text) for that particular time period. I currently have to switch each window to "oval" followed by "text" to do this. Is there a different way I should be doing this, or is this an unusual use of the link group?
  10. For charts that are all part of the same Trace Link Group family (same color assignment), allow the current drawing tool choice to apply to each of them. Right now, in order to draw on a group of charts that pertain to the same security under consideration, I have to select the tool from each individual chart. When you have various indicators you're following (6 windows in my case) for your signals, it can become quite tedious. Thanks!
  11. Great to hear you're readying the codbase for an indicator import! Since QT has never carried the ALMA indicator, I'd like to request that it get added. Thank you!
  12. I'd like to request the following indicators... ATR CCI Keltner Channels StochRSI (Stochastic RSI) ALMA (Arnaud Legoux Moving Average) If you need the formula for ALMA, I have a Java version I can provide. It is not proprietary, and there are no licensing issues. Lew
  13. Thanks... it wasn't obvious to me. I'm used to the Microsoft way of doing things (right-click and select "rename" or click over existing name). Was trying to click and right-click on the portfolio names in the left column of the edit screen, rather than the name of the currently selected item in the right column.
  14. I hope there will be a way in which we can assign our own names to Portfolios and Watchlists. Phrased as a question... "Will there be a way for us to rename the portfolios and watchlists?" Lew
  15. I would love to have a PRINT option for graphs, that at least makes the graph print-friendly (sizing and perhaps overriding the colors such that it's B&W friendly). On a harder note, I would love the option of selecting two graphs, and printing both on the same page (in portrait orientation). Lew
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