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  1. Stephane, I am confident that these guys are not going anywhere and this product will be around and developed for a very long time. You should check their history with their other product called Quotetracker, which was bought out by Ameritrade. Their level of support and persistence should give you an indication of their commitment to support and development. Again, I am confident that you will keep seeing development and maintenance of this product for a long time. BTW... I signed up for the beta releases which come very often. You can sign up for beta releases ..... SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL - there is a checkbox there for it.
  2. I don't think that I had seen the above quoted link in the earlier post. Nice.
  3. ha, I still like this idea... but now wondering if a different right-click menu in the empty area could cause confusion.
  4. Hi, I am curious, you would like an alert to be activated when MT is not active, and I am assuming by 'not active', you mean that MTis not running?
  5. yeah, that was a nice feature indeed, but I also realized it disappeared at the same time AMTD scanner died.
  6. hahaha. Thank you very much Mike!
  7. I really like the idea of 3-touch auto-trendlines, but I have been trying this out and not sure I am finding the advantage/clarity I assumed it would yield.. as yet. If you guys find a few stocks that you can see reasonable use of these lines, please feel free to share them if possible, that way I can examine more closely. I have subscribed to the thread just in case. I should ask.. are you guys using these for intraday charts or just daily?
  8. I thought of that approach, but I think I found myself hung up on the idea that as a rule, sub sends the message of being inferior or below, and using that may also cause similar confusion that they seem to be running away from. If it can be argued that the immediate interpretation would be clear, then ... sounds good to me! On the other hand, regarding ehjump suggestion, it seems also that they are trying to make it clear that indicators can be anywhere on the chart, 'almost' without limitation, and so in that case, saying indicator panel and main panel may be counter to what I seem to understand is the goal. So, unless I am confused, how about 'Main Pane' and 'Secondary Pane', and so... 'Usually on Main Pane', 'Usually On Secondary Pane'. Note: I also think that 'Pane' is the more accurate term. Now, please understand that this is intended to be gentle feedback I wanted to share. Thoughts???
  9. so you want a single reference name for these parts ... A and B in the picture? How about 'Panes'?
  10. eg: VBP on the historical chart has an option for the 'period' as 'visible'. Such an option for SRC would be nice so that one does not have to manually calculate the period in terms of days the way we currently have to in QT, as well as MT.
  11. Have you looked at poker? What are your thoughts?
  12. I would think that most of us would never have our portfolio list 100% populated, thus always leaving at least an empty area below the list. So, any thoughts to placing in the right-click menu, some of the functions one may want to expand/show the ribbon to see? Currently there is no function there when right-clicking. Suggestions right away for this are list/portfolio related: -Manage portfolio and symbols -Symbols (The function under 'add symbols and delete' that takes one to the edit symbols window for current list) -Select portfolio -Backfill all I think it is instinctive to know that if one right-clicks on a symbol in the list, that options may come up relating to the symbol, but right-clicking in an empty area would bring up options for the list as a whole or said window.
  13. @vireya I know you likely mean all of the color sets but it would be helpful if you speak of a single one that you like to use and see if work could be done on that single one as a springboard.
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