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  1. Stephane, I am confident that these guys are not going anywhere and this product will be around and developed for a very long time. You should check their history with their other product called Quotetracker, which was bought out by Ameritrade. Their level of support and persistence should give you an indication of their commitment to support and development. Again, I am confident that you will keep seeing development and maintenance of this product for a long time. BTW... I signed up for the beta releases which come very often. You can sign up for beta releases ...
  2. I don't think that I had seen the above quoted link in the earlier post. Nice.
  3. hahaha. Thank you very much Mike!
  4. I really like the idea of 3-touch auto-trendlines, but I have been trying this out and not sure I am finding the advantage/clarity I assumed it would yield.. as yet. If you guys find a few stocks that you can see reasonable use of these lines, please feel free to share them if possible, that way I can examine more closely. I have subscribed to the thread just in case. I should ask.. are you guys using these for intraday charts or just daily?
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