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  1. Is there a way to show the price of the channel? maybe on the price line on the right of the chart like a moving average? would only be necessary if it was extended if that helps? maybe even have a price box inside the right click menu to set the upper range at least? Just wishful thinking!
  2. Any more headway on this? Alerts work in one direction at least now but like my screenshots showed their are still problems with the lines working and moving for some strange reason.
  3. Yeah no that will not help as setting a default will simply let me anchor to 1 date which is basically 1 ticker unless there was market wide massive volume on each and every ticker. Yeah dragging is not the answer either. Multiple defaults? no that would just be crazy an... well if there were 10 or so defaults it would at least allow me to anchor the most frequently traded tickers... dunno how viable this would be to add default 1, default 2, etc...
  4. No Oh yeah that works great can even color the channels. Thanks!
  5. I also use Anchored VWAP a lot in my trading but there is no way to do that right now without changing the date that it's anchored from on each and every chart I open. Would be nice to have a per ticker anchored VWAP or maybe a way to drag from a certain candle to set the anchor so at least I don't have to edit the indicators each time i open a chart and manually set the date to anchor from.
  6. I use demand and supply zones in my trading but when drawing the boxes there is no way to extend them (to the right indefinitely) so I don't have to continually extend them all manually each day/week/month etc.
  7. Also when you right click on a price alert and choose 'delete price alert but leave line' it simply deletes the alert and does not leave a line (doesn't matter if it was a line first or a price alert first. These may be connected....
  8. When you place a price alert on a daily chart it will show correctly in another historical chart when you bring it up from say... a watchlist. But ONLY if you place it using your mouse. If you right click on the price alert and set it using the actual PRICE box it then will ONLY show on that historical chart. If you open another historical chart form the watchlist it will not be there. This has started happening recently (2 ? update ago ... 2 weeks max).
  9. Wow... should have started here lol. Thanks!
  10. I am trying to use the linking feature with Trade-Ideas scanning software and am not having much luck. They have been unable to get it to work (through tech support) and I have tried a bunch of combinations to make it work with no success. This is my last attemt to try and get it to work. Basically they are telling me it is a 'focus' issue with med-ved trader, according to their support team med-ved is losing focus and doing something else when I go to click on a ticker in Trade-Ideas and not accepting the input. Is their a focus based issue or settings that I can try inside medved to allow it to accept input from another program? I have tried all the obvious ones like keep window on top and bring to front but nothing seems to work. Any thoughts?
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