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  1. Thank you, and Happy Christmas to Jerry & Mike plus all those still using QT!
  2. Hi Jerry, It's possible this is something to do with the data feed (only got Yahoo at the moment), but it looks like the control flag for the "Show Bid/Ask" tickbox is not being processed properly. If I open a line chart and tick the bid/ask box, the data comes up on the chart. If I close MT and then restart it, there is no bid/ask data on the chart, but the box is still ticked. So on restarting, MT remembers the tick but doesn't act on it. If I then toggle the tick off and on, the bid/ask data comes back. Mike
  3. Sorry, I know nothing at all about Wiki editing!
  4. Can't be, I remember pictures of the first baby in the cot, only a couple of years ago it seems. No, QT can't have been going that long!
  5. Hi Jerry, Do you want me to stirr up MoneyAM & iDealing.com right now or would it be better to wait until the major issues with MT are fixed? QT is still working fine for me. Both will respond to me as an active client. Mike p.s. how is Mike's baby coming along? Probably a toddler now.
  6. Yes, only using Yahoo until MoneyAM comes online (hint, hint)! Still doing trading through QT & MoneyAM, both of which have proven to be wonderfully stable. For MT< specific symbols include: VOD.L, BATS.L & SSE.L Will test further when UK markets open tomorrow. p.s. My UK online broker is "iDealing.com". They are a pretty savvy lot, and might welcome a link for streaming quotes & integrated trading. If I contact them, I do get a personal response. Should I introduce MT to them, or are you too busy with US stuff (I realise that the UK is a minority interest). Don't forget, it was me that triggered the MoneyAM link for QT!
  7. Hi Jerry, I think there are a couple of minor bugs here. In the "Settings" window, I chose "UK Equities" and GMT as the timezone, then pressed "Set as Default". However when I open a new chart, the default is still for USA markets, and the timezone has to be adjusted for each new chart opened. Also, in the bottom RH of the "Portfolio" window, the "time to market close" is still showing USA timing, whilst the "Dashboard" window is showing the correct time for UK markets. The "Now" time is correct in both windows. Mike
  8. Hi Jerry, Yes please, I would like to test out MT for UK markets, using Yahoo. Hopefully the subscription will transfer across once the MoneyAM feed is running! Mike
  9. Hi Jerry, I have just been hit by a $200 bill from MoneyAM for my data feed to QT for UK markets! I am still using QT, but is there any chance of adding the MoneyAM feed to MT and letting me download a Beta for testing? Best wishes, Mike
  10. I Suggest "Select Currency Base Unit". Probably not an issue for US quotes, which are always in Dollars. But in the UK, prices are sometimes quoted in Pounds and sometimes in Pence. Also, symbols for an initial portfolio would need to be market-specific. Mike
  11. Hi Jerry, I remember from the good old QT days, that Mazel used to run the bulletin boards. Is he still with you? Best wishes, Mike
  12. Hi Jerry, I have used QuoteTracker for many years for UK market quotes using the MoneyAM streaming feed. It's still working on QT v3.9.8, so the feed hasn't changed for some time. Will MT be supporting this feed? I can Beta test it if you want. regards, Mike
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