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Ways to enhance speed



Hi Jerry,


I'm finding it takes a long time to fill data on the portfolio page.  Currently I have 800 stocks and I know that's a lot for MT, but that's what I need to do.


-- Is speed mainly a function of the chosen data source? 

-- What other factors affect speed?

-- How long should it take to fill 800 symbols with a good broadband connection, dual core processor and 2GB RAM?

-- How long should it take for IB as the source to do the same?





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Ok I can upgrade my PC's RAM - would 8 GB be ok?


What about processor - does that influence things as much as memory?


Currently using Etrade AU or BellDirect AU.  You have mentioned Bell is slow, but Etrade seems to be about the same speed. 

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Memory will improve things.  As for processor, normally I would say yes. But with snapshot quotes you are probably not maxing out CPU usage.  In general, MT is very multi-threaded so it will really use the multiple cores, if available.


With BellDirect, MT needs to get one HTML page for every quote update, for every symbol.  With E*Trade AU, it can get up to 7 quotes per request, so E*Trade will be way more efficient. But in general, snapshot quotes will be slow compared to streaming. Right now the only source we have that provides streaming Australian is I believe Interactive Brokers.  We would be glad to add support for others, but would need cooperation from the broker.

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