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Historical chart trendline alerts



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I would consider it, but the question is - how would they be triggered? for intraday everything revolves around incoming Level I quotes.  Historical are a bit different.  The last bar CAN be built from intraday, but doesn't have to.  Backfill is the primary method of updates.  Backfills only occur when you open the chart, unlike intraday where the data is coming in all the time. 


Historical charts don't show gaps in the data either, which impacts the slope of the charts.  


All of these would have to be addressed in order to get trendline alerts on historical

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Yes I see there's some obstacles there.


If the user clicked "historical backfill all" at the start of the session, then the value of the line for the current day could be known.  Maybe that would help?  Even if the historical trendline is angled, there's only one value which is needed on the intraday chart.  By default, a trendline alert based upon historical data would be a straight horizontal line on the intraday.


Thanks for considering anyway.  I'm very happy with the current set up for trendlines.



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