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alerts question and request



Hello Jerry,


1.  If I check "only trigger during regular market hours" + "moving up", does this avoid an alert being triggered by a big overnight gap?  Will the reference point for 'movement' now be today's open?


2.  A request please.  Could "turnover $"  be added as an option for the alert note?


Thank you.

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1) overnight gap - assuming this is for AU  stocks, i think all quotes are only during RTH, no? if you don't get any quotes outside of RTH, then I think you would want to set the alert to ignore first 1 min of the market, assuming you will get at least one gap quote during that min


2) as for turnover alert, I plan to add a generic multi-criteria, column alert. That would take care of this request

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Thanks for the reply.


1.  Yes, quotes are only from 10am-4pm and there's no pre-market trading.  But the open is staggered,which is annoying.  It makes "ignore first x minutes" hard to apply.


Group 1  10:00:00 am +/- 15 secs A-B...(eg. BHP opens at 10am).
Group 2  10:02:15 am +/- 15 secs C-F
Group 3  10:04:30 am +/- 15 secs G-M
Group 4  10:06:45 am +/- 15 secs N-R
Group 5  10:09:00 am +/- 15 secs S-Z


I think if I delete all accumulated intraday data before starting it should fix my issue.


2.  Fantastic, thanks!

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