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Add/Edit Indicator Screen



Just a small suggestion, in add new/edit indicator screen, removing indicator by double click is no friendly. I think most people would expect to see indicator properties on double click instead of removing it. Especially after you spent time configuring the indicator and mistakenly remove it by double click.
Thank you.
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Really REALLY don't want to add settings for every little thing.  Yes, it can be added, but the result is that we have a HUGE number of settings (already have a few too many) and it gets overwhelming. 


This particular one we have been meaning to do anyway because a double click should not do a "destructive" action like that.  There are multiple other ways of removing the indicators. Some as fast or even faster than the double click. You can drag the indicator to the left table, which can be done basically in a swipe action. Plus, you can highlight multiple indicators and drag them off, thus removing all in one action. 

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