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The always visible MT desktop icon and MT windows


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The domineering and always visible MT desktop icon and MT windows

are a never-ending annoyance to me.


The issue is, by being the top window all the time, MT prevents me from having anything else

open on my desktop.

For example today I was working with Open Office Excel, and MT kept blocking my view.

It kept trying to prevent me from inserting new rows in Excel. It kept blocking my view.


Why? Because, illogically and contrary to my needs, MT is programmed to be the top window

all the time. What an incessant annoyance!

Or, how about the MT desktop icon?


For example, while I'm writing this message in a text file, why does the MT desktop icon
have to be visible to me all the time? It stares at me like as if it was an all-seeing eye! What an incessant

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> You can hide it though. On the dashboard, select the SETTINGS menu, and Un-check the "Show Floating Logo" menu


What I was trying to say that


#1: It was (and is) annoying. And

#2: It should NOT be the default setting.,,, because first impression count.. ..because you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression.

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