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still can't paste in list of symbols into a portfolio


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When I mentioned this problem originally, I was trying to do what I've done many times in QT...I copy a vertical list of symbol names from EditPad, and paste them into the "add symbols to portfolio" window.  In QT they go in perfectly, one symbol to each line(row).  When I originally tried this with MT, MT crammed all the symbols together without any spaces and I was basically entering one very long symbol name (ie: KORSAXLNDDDLLGOOGFB).


You must have worked on this because the result now is different.  I just tried to paste in a list of 50 symbols and MT only enters the first symbol into the "add symbols to portfolio" window.  I double checked the paste, and I can paste all 50 symbols into a new EditPad file.  So I don't think it's the paste function itself that's functioning incorrectly.


Hope this can be fixed, I usually do this 2-4 times a week.



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