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Backfill Not Updating Using Portfolio Group "Backfill All" Button


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Hi, I noticed today that my intraday stock charts were missing a few days (6/22-6/25), but when I clicked the portfolio "Backfill All" button, the charts would update to fill the gap. However, when I click on individual charts within the portfolio and click on that particular backfill button, the chart gaps are filled in.


I'm using TD_Ameritrade as my backfill data source.

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it sounds like TDA backfill failed earlier at some point but without an error - just didn't return some data.  Going forward, MT considered those charts already backfilled so auto-backfill would not go back that far.  When you click on the backfill button on the individual chart, it forces a full backfill, so now that TDA is returning the data, it works.  If you clear all data and then backfill all, that would also take care of the issue without having to do it one by one

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