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Couple of columns stopped displaying

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Beginning this morning (7/16/2015) my portfolio windows stopped displaying the values for both Market Cap and Shares Outstanding (I get my data from IQFeed.)  It just shows a hyphen in the column instead.  There haven't been any updates from either MT or IQFeed since this issue began. (Just out of the blue today.)  


I assumed it was an issue on the IQFeed side, so I chatted with them but they can see the data for both fields.  They even brought up QuoteTracker and was able to see the Market Cap field values there.


I restarted MT a couple of times, but no difference.  


The only thing that has changed is Microsoft pushed out about 26 updates yesterday.....hope its not due to that.


I went ahead and emailed my settings and log file in case you need to take a look at them.





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Hi Jerry, I have something similar with the "mkt cap" column. This column gives no value ( 0.00 ) in MT. But when I select the portfolio ( CTRL-A ) and copy ( CTRL-C ) this into Excell, I get the values for the mkt cap column in Excell (but not in MT). I get my data delayed from Yahoo Finance.

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MT does not normally show 0 for Market Cap. It would show a dash.  So there must be an error occurring somewhere tied to your specific settings. I need to get the log file and settings files to see what the problem is. Please do the following:


go to FILE / Export Settings. 

Leave the checkboxes already checked, and also check LOG FILE.

Export, then email me the exported file please.

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